Bio4Pack wins second prize at Global Bioplastics Awards 2018



It became instantly clear that Bio4Pack had introduced a remarkable product on the market with their compostable meat trays for fresh meat, when the tray played a major role in a TV commercial of the COOP. On Tuesday, December 4th, at the European Bioplastics Conference in Berlin another chapter was added to the success of the compostable fresh meat tray, by the granting of the second prize at the Global Bioplastics Award 2018.


The jury of the Global Bioplastics Awards had the choice of a wide variety of entries from all over the world. However, the second prize at the Global Plastics Award 2018 was awarded to the compostable fresh meat trays because the jury believed with this packaging, Bio4Pack has put a product on the market, that appears to be relatively simple, but has a huge impact. The tray has already caused a lot of publicity on national television, but also several large retail organisations have shown interest in this packaging. The compostable packaging solution for fresh meat can therefore make an important contribution to scaling up the application of PLA and thus make this form of packaging even more interesting for businesses.


“We are proud and happy with this engaging price. It is a reward for the hard work that we, but also our partners have put into this product. It motivates us to put even more energy into product development so that even more product categories can use packaging which contribute to a circular economy,” says Patrick Gerritsen, CEO of Bio4Pack.


Winner of the Global Bioplastics Award 2018 was Aakar Innovations from India, the third prize went to American PepsiCo and Danimer.