BTI43, the fully compostable film for packaging rice, nuts, pasta and cheese

That packaging with excellent properties in terms of compostability and renewability is not inferior to packaging produced in the traditional way, has been demonstrated by the BTI43 film of Bio4Pack. This award-winning packaging is the surprise of 2015 and 2016.


When developing the BTI43 film, environmental friendliness was obviously taken into account, but the product properties were equally important. We wanted a film that is crystal clear and has excellent barrier properties. In connection with the shelf life of products, the film also had to have the lowest possible oxygen-permeability. Another condition was that the film could be processed on conventional machines. In the end, all these requirements resulted in the BTI43 film.


The film is available in a width of 1.5 m and can be printed with 8 PMS colours. Din Certco has awarded the 8C0027 certification and the American Beta the ASTM D6866 Bio Based certification. The BTI43 film is also compostable according to EN13432.