collage koek van eigen deeg

Dutch Bakery “Van Eigen Deeg” opts for Bio4Pack’s compostable packaging

Another food producer switches to Bio4Pack’s sustainable packaging: traditional confectioner “Van Eigen Deeg” from the Dutch city of Nijmegen. When you are baking cookies in a responsible manner as “Van Eigen Deeg” does, it is evident this should go with an equally responsible packaging; the quality of which is of course at least as good as packaging made of traditional raw materials.


Bio4Pack provided the solution; a compostable packaging consisting of a two-layer cellulose inner lining with a paper wrapper made of agricultural waste (PaperWise) on the outside. The cellulose inner lining seals perfectly, so the cookies remain deliciously fresh and crunchy. Even the labels and glue used for labeling comply with the strict EN13432 standard for composting. The packaging may be thrown out into the organic waste bin and will perish within ninety days in a professional composting installation.


We are very pleased to be commissioned by “Van Eigen Deeg”. With this, the number of product categories that use Bio4Pack’s sustainable packaging continues to grow.