Of course, we can tell you how good we are, but there is only one group whose opinion really matters: our customers. Read here about the experiences of the people that matter.

“At Bio4Pack they only think in terms of opportunities. No challenge is too big.”


Esther Molenwijk
Founder Dutch Harvest, manufacturer of Hemp Tea


Hemp Tea packed in PaperWise combined with celulose film


I have been active as Sustainability Consultant for 7 years, and when I started developing an honest unsprayed hemp tea, it became immediately clear that its packaging had to be as sustainable as the tea itself… more>>

“Pro-actively contributing ideas and pragmatic solutions come very naturally at Bio4Pack”


Michelle Verhoeff – Product Marketeer The Greenery



When one of our major clients wanted to launch a new concept for organically grown fruits and vegetables, an important condition was that the products had to be packaged in materials that do justice to the … more>>