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Our mission and vision clearly state what Bio4Pack stands for: the development and manufacturing of consumer products and consumables that have minimal impact on the environment and minimise the use of fossil fuels. All our products are produced with the largest possible proportion of renewable raw materials, allowing us to make an important contribution to alleviating the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels. Where possible, our products are manufactured carbon neutral or with the lowest possible CO2 value.



A key component of a sustainable life cycle of products involves the period after a product has been used. Is it turned into waste and does it end up on the big mountain, thus contributing to environmental problems in the world? Or does the product become part of the environment at the end of its life because it is biodegradable and contributes to the natural balance in that it is a nutrient for trees, plants and algae, which in turn provide sufficient oxygen?



All products Bio4Pack develops and manufactures comply with stringent standards of compostability and/or biobased. As a result, our products have various certifications, such as the NEN 13432 industrially compostable certification, the AS 5810 certification for home compostability and the ASTM D 6866 Biobased certification. For a complete overview, see the “downloads” page.


Holland Bioplastics

As a champion of the use of compostable and sustainable products, we are a co-founder of Holland Bioplastics: an interest group for manufacturers of compostable products. The Holland Bioplastics website clearly describes what bioplastics are, as well as the facts and myths about bioplastics.