“Pro-actively contributing ideas and pragmatic solutions come very naturally at Bio4Pack”


Michelle Verhoeff
Product Marketeer – The Greenery

When one of our major clients wanted to launch a new concept for organically grown fruits and vegetables, an important condition was that the products had to be packaged in materials that do justice to the organic nature of the products; in other words, sustainable packaging. That proved quite a challenge because obviously every product has its own packaging, which in turn is manufactured from various raw materials. After some research, it turned out there really was only one party able to supply a complete range of sustainable packaging and that was Bio4Pack. In putting together the complete range of packaging, Bio4Pack works closely with other parties in the market such as PaperWise and Bio4Life, as a result of which we now have one point of contact for the entire range. That makes it manageable to us, and thanks to Patrick Gerritsen’s many years of experience with compostable and sustainable packaging, we are confident that we will always get the best packaging for our customers. Bio4Pack certainly does love a challenge.