In a relatively new market for sustainable packaging is Bio4Pack your experienced partner with over 10 years of expertise and experience

Bio4Pack is the specialist in the field of compostable, sustainable packaging. Since 2009 we have been actively involved in the development and production of packaging that meets the desire of many consumers and producers to use fossil fuels responsibly. This has resulted in a complete range of compostable and sustainable packaging that comply with various stringent EN, AS, OK Compost Home, OK Biobased and ASTM standards (see downloads).


Bio4Pack goes the extra mile for its customers

We are very keen to increase the role of compostable and sustainable products in the future. Obviously, we will be faced with prejudice, ignorance and fear of using these products instead of traditional raw materials. Therefore, Bio4Pack does more for its customers than merely providing products. We would like to discuss with you the various applications of packaging produced from renewable resources.


We would like to advise you on the perfect material for your product

To produce sustainable packaging we can choose from various raw materials, each with their own specific qualities and applications. Based on our many years of experience and technical knowledge of various raw materials, we would like to support you in the selection of the right raw materials for the production of sustainable packaging for your products.


Together we make sustainable packaging a success

Even though the transition to packaging made from renewable materials can generally be achieved without many problems and adjustments, we are happy to assist you with advice and assistance during implementation to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In the unlikely event of an unexpected situation during implementation, however, we will not be easily daunted. That these are not just empty words is evidenced by the enthusiasm of our customers.


Switch to sustainable packaging made from renewable raw materials. Working with Bio4Pack makes it very easy.